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Condo Loan

Land for Loan”  is considered the number one foreigner-friendly mortgage option in Thailand.

We allows applicants from any nationality to apply for a loan without having to work or live in Thailand. Applicants may apply for a loan using the existing property as collateral.

We  does not consider financial records or income when approving loans. We provide loans using a property you already own in Thailand as collateral.

You will need to own some property before taking a loan to finance another property.

"Land for Loan" offers financial services related to real estate through 2 option

1.The “Kai Faak” or “Sell with the right of redemption” financing option allows the creditor to hold the title deed (chanote) and grants the borrower a period to buy it back.


case. Fire Insurance (Subject to collateral value)

Condo mortgage Key features

  • Key features include no financial history checks for clients, low-interest rates starting at 0.75% – 1.25% per month, and a policy against property seizure , and not checking credit bureaus , and no need for a guarantor.

Approval and funds can be received within one-three business day. Loan amounts range from 30-50 %  of market price (Customer have to  let company valuate the property value so that customer can have maximum loa. Appraisal Fee is about 3,000 THB* (subject to distance) . Contracts last 1 year to 10 year. Legal completion is required at the Department of Lands.

Loan currency

  • Loan currency: THB. Borrow and repay Thai Baht. Repay through mobile banking or international payment


  • Condominium in Bangkok and its peripheral, key resort provinces


  • Requirements include the original deed, proof of cleared condominium arrears, proof of property ownership, and name and contact details, condominium photos


  • The processing fee is 5%. In the case of receiving an amount less than 1 million, the minimum processing fee is 50,000 baht and there is an expense from the Land Department depend on type of loan if it is mortgage ,Mortgage Fee 1% of loan size, payable to Land Dept.Furthermore there is interest in advance for 3-12 months, depending on the case. Fire Insurance (Subject to collateral value)

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